Any chance of getting a Sound Set for Waterdeep Dungeon of the Mad Mage


Because I hadn’t seen signs that anyone is seriously looking at the Doc, I’ve just been slowly moving along on it as the mood strikes me compared to my other projects.

@doc @benjamin Are people planning on using Levels 5+ soon?

If so I’ll focus on the Doc and start moving through the levels more quickly as well as identifying other good base soundsets for the levels.


@Scrubkai, if you’re able to, please go on with the document. I’m preparing the adventure not by looking at one level after another, but by following side-quests and threads vertically throughout the whole dungeon. That’s why I made up all of my notes for L1-3 plus Skullport. In fact some side-quests had me already have a look at L4-L6 and further along.

In a way, setting up the music altogether would be awesome (though I’ll admit I’m slowing down so that @benjamin can catch me with an official module :rofl:)


@Scrubkai Sooo… wanna try out my first draft of Level 1?

btw the doc is AMAZING!!! THANK YOU sooo much for outlining these first levels, making my job really much more straightforward!


@benjamin of course I’ll be happy to review the draft.

As for the doc, I’m so glad it’s working for you. I tried to think what would help me if I was building the soundset. If you run into problems/improvements you can think of while using it let me know and I’ll try to add those enhancements to the doc.