Annual Subscription Query

Based on the answer at Yearly Membership, Lifetime SuperSyrin, or Pay for Creator? I have emailed on the 2nd of July and followed up on the 9th of July trying to arrange an annual subscription. I haven’t received a response. Is there a different approach I should be taking? I would like to give you additional money.

Hiya Josh,

Weirdness! :bug: :hammer: :slight_smile:

Wanna try a fresh email to support at syrinscape dot com and we’ll see if that appears this time… we can get that sorted for you. :smiley:

Have sent that through now :smiley:

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OK. Definitely NOT seeing your emails to support… wanna email me directly at benjamin at syrinscape dot com and I’ll get this sorted out asap!

Gotta help the give the money thing!!! :smiley: :cupcake:

Oh no, I already copied you in on the follow-up, so that doesn’t seem promising!

I’ve emailed you from a different Gmail account to test if it’s just my account. Alternatively, I can discuss it via private chat on the forum.

OK! We got your email!

I’ve forwarded your request onto @Steve who will sort you out!

THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE… this has been hilariously/wierd/strange/annoying! :bug: :hammer: :cupcake: :trophy: