Add OneShots to Global OneShots


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@benjamin or @Steve. Would be awesome to get an update on this topic.


Hi @nalgrazzim

So… here’s the current dev plan (given a non-infinite amount of time and money).

  1. Complete work on Syrinscape Online (make it stable)
  2. Turn on the Creator functions in Syrinscape Online
    NOTE: This is when you’ll be able to do the thing you are asking for (note details below)
  3. Fix things that pop up along the way (eg we’ve just found out the latest iOS build doesn’t work properly on the iPhone MAX)
  4. Cope with the FAST growth we are still experiencing. (also Dnd+TwitchCon)
  5. Then we’ll take another round at the Standalone Players. Here we already have planned: making the search function as good as it is in Syrinscape Online; a few other things.

Sooo… with step 2) You’ll be able to build a special SoundSet full of Global OneShots that you can then Install in the Stand Alone Player, giving you the customization you are wanting.

I hope that makes sense?


Hey @benjamin

I think so. When we talk about “global oneshots” we mean the oneshots that “stick” with the player and follow you around, correct? With the Syrinscape online import you are talking about, does that replace the current oneshot panel with the a custom one?

I was curious how the original selection of global oneshots was decided. The medieval one seems to be full of modern sounds including a taser and a chainsaw which makes… very little sense, given the context. The sci-fi one seems somewhat arbitrary as well, but at least it contains 100% scifi sounds.

Also, this may be a different topic, but it is definitely related to the functionality of oneshots. I know alot of people would really appreciate a separate volume slider for oneshots in general, as they are currently often drowned out by the default (very high) volume of the ambients, and must be heavily fiddled with each time before they are audible over the background. I know this has been promised in the past a looong time ago but never got implemented. This is kind of the other half of the “making global oneshots usable” track. Any plans on this? It seems a modest change that would make a huge impact.

Cheers. And thanks for the response!


They have set up a volume slider for one shots in the standalone player. I believe they have that on the list of things to add as they revamp the online player in the near future.


OneShots are attached to SoundSets. So to get rid of the modern weapons in the Global OneShots, simply uninstall the “Modern Weapons” SoundSet, which is specifically made to make those show there. :smiley:


All the current builds of Syrinscape have a separate volume control for the OneShots. :slight_smile: Time for an update?


Hey @nalgrazzim

Why don’t you:

  1. grab the Syrinscape SoundSet Creator.
  2. make a SoundSet with a whole lot of OneShots you’d really like to have as Globals
  3. Upload that SoundSet
  4. i will jump on the server and make them Global (which is a single click missing from the current Creator build).
  5. Also, make yourself a version of Bugbear battle with all the Global OneShots deleted and upload that too.

Then you’ll be able to have showing what you want to have showing.

Works? :smiley:

Help With Organizing Soundsets?

Heh, perhaps it IS time for an update. Apparently my client isn’t updating automatically when restarted. I’ll manually download and install the update.

Also thanks alot for the offer to help, I think your suggestion would work perfectly. :slight_smile:

However… my focus is almost entirely with the scifi player - I only use the fantasy player for additional environmental effects and the occasional weird alien creature sound (and, oddly enough, whenever I need a taser or a chainsaw…)

Should I still use “Bugbear Battle?” Or one of the basic scifi ones?


Sorry yes. If you are running the Sci-Fi Player you won’t need to edit Bugbear Battle.

So… this:

  1. Each Global OneShot is attached to a certain SoundSet. So installing THAT SoundSet will make those Global OneShots appear. Soooo… if you didn’t want the standard Global OneShots that show when you install Bugbear Battle, then you could make an edited version of Bugbear Battle (“bugbear battle mine”) that has those OneShots deleted. Then when you have THAT installed then your Global OneShots will be empty.

  2. THEN make a SoundSet that has the OneShots you DO want in it and upload that. I’ll set them to Global (which, yes, the Creator SHOULD be able to do, but just happens to NOTE)… then you should be right.

  3. SO instead, do all this, but within the Sci-Fii Player

  4. Useful info here:
    In the Fantasy Player:
    The swords and arrows, spells and more are in “Bugbear Battle”
    The cheesy musical stings are in “Stony Beach”
    The Wilhelm Scream is in “Tavern Brawl”
    The Modern guns and explosins are in “Modern Weapons”

In the Sci-Fi Player:
The Flamethrower is in “Insectoid Hive”
The “Small Arms” & “Automatic” weapons fire are in “Giant Sandworm”
The Airlocks are in “Alien from Alien”
The Wilhelm Scream is in “Alien Cantina”