Add OneShots to Global OneShots

Is there a way to add a one shot from anywhere to the global one shots?

To be honest I would add them all to the global list if I could. Cause there are moments when you could actually need a certain one shot but you need to find it first in one of the settings and by the time you got it the ‘moment’ is gone.

Yes, there is the option to use the search to find the settings that contain the one shot or to add them to a custom setting (if you got the creator) but it would still be cooler (in my opinion) if you could just drag’n’drop them into the global list in the normal player. (And remove others that you never ever use. I actually pretty much never use half of the global one shots. But many others from different settings.)


We hear you. :smile:

This is actually on the list of things to do.

Just a matter of getting down the list!

Definitely keep asking for this, because we really DO gauge our priorities by community feedback!

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This would be extremely useful. My buddies are always sooo impressed when I use some of the one-shots but since I have to jump between the soundset during the game I often resign from it as the game loses momentum.

To use the one-shots properly we need to be able to hit the button quickly and without paying too much attention. So please, do not forget about some kind of manual or automatic hotkeys assignment feature :slight_smile:


We hear you! :smile:

:coffee: :cookie:

Yes, this please!! We just started playing with the program and hoped that by signing up for a subscription, we would be able to edit the global oneshots, or get more of them in the global oneshot box. Editing them from different sets to the global box would be SUPER helpful!

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Adding my +1 to this! I spend quite a while building individual soundsets for games and collecting them in my Custom Moods folders for easy switching but I still have to hunt down the right one-shots. The ability to swap out one-shots at will would make the whole thing run so much smoother!

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… and my axe!

(really digging this, since there are awesome sounds I will just never use that could be easily replaced, due to the lack of chainsaws in my space, and I really just write this to reach my 20 characters limit).

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I’d like to add my +1 to this as well.

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+1 again pretty please :smiley:

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Having this ability would do wonders for making the sounds you use most to all be in one place. +1

We hear you.

All this and much MORE good organisational stuff will be emerging this year!

Like a beast out of the sucking MUD! :hankey: :smile:

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Adding my +1d20 Spear and Magic Helmet!

As a motivation, testimony and inspiration…
The reaction on the face of an ‘old school’ gamer when I played the effects, moods and the related one-shots during a night of new folks at the local gaming store, was akin to seeing a child’s eyes on Christmas morning.
It made the purchase, planning and organizing all that I wanted and more!
DM Veitch.

p.s. Would you be willing to post a list of the ideas that you do have in the works, so long as no beasts are harmed of course!


Darn your +1d20 Spear and Magic Helmet beats my +4 hammer of Goblin Whopping!

On a more serious point though that’s awesome to hear! really glad to hear it all went well and the players (& DM) enjoyed all the noise :smile:

We actually have lots of ideas in the works at the minute, with the new Maste/minion system in development our poor dev team are working harder than santa’s elves to bring in lots of new stuff. just a few of the ones we are working on are the ability for Syrinscape to used for online games as well as traditional round the table games, no longer needing to download content, which will prevent long download times and will allow you to quickly search and listen to content as well as avoiding taking up excessive space on your devices (or in fact no space at all). The ability to better customize soundset and the ability to play Syrinscape in the background… phew!

And all of those are currently in Dev :smile:

or as Ben said…

All this and much MORE good organisational stuff will be emerging this year!

Like a beast out of the sucking MUD! :hankey: :smile:

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Count this as my vote for this option. Being able to populate the global oneshots myself would be invaluable. Thanks!

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+1 From this ole DM too

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Requests heard and logged (in my brain). :smile:

Video game developer here. I might humbly suggest Jira or Trello for task logging instead of your brain. :stuck_out_tongue:

Curious though, what was the original intent/vision behind the oneshots? They seem to be an arbitrary selection of sounds that may or may not be relevant to a particular GM, depending on the game they are running.

Aren’t globe oneshots supposed to be an “at your fingertips” tool that allows your favorite sounds to follow you regardless of the soundset you are currently on? Doesn’t the fact they are not customize-able completely negate this core function?

Genuinely curious what the original design was.


lols @nalgrazzim

We use assembla to log project actions needed AND priorities.

I guess… what I meant… was “you request in noted, and a small bump in the urgency has been noted in my general feeling of what the community would REALLY like NOW!”

Note: as a work around right now… (if you are on PC), use the 3rd party integration tools to make yourself a window of just about anything you’d like to have close to hand to click.

On other devices: use the Syrinscape SoundSet Creator for that level of customization.

Future: Syrinscape Online will have all the fold out tools that will make this sort of stuff work much nicer-er.

Sense makes?


I just want to bump the priority of this.

After using the player for almost a year now, I am constantly reminded of this shortcoming. Syrinscape is a good program, but this one issue makes it a constant annoyance to use, forcing the GM to flip back and forth between pages because the global oneshots that are (arbitrarily) decided for them on every page are usually completely useless for what they are attempting to achieve. Most times, they may as well just not exist.

Considering how a soundboard system like this is used in practice during a game night, the GM wants to be able to create an atmosphere for an adventure they have planned, and to simulate - IN REAL TIME - events that are likely to happen during that adventure. This necessitates having a custom selection of audio elements that are always at their fingertips for simulating events that they believe are likely to occur (ie: sword clashes, gunfire sounds, robot voices, starship engines, fireballs, etc).

Being able to customize the global one-shot panel should have been, from day one, treated as an integral part of the core system and should never have been relegated to an “optional” or “secondary” system. I am not sure why this decision was originally made, but now having used Syrinscape for so long, I think it speaks to a critical misunderstanding of how your product is used by your customers.

But that’s fine, it happens. As game developers we can’t see everything - that’s what QA and playtesting are for. But once you identify an issue like this, that thing needs to be treated as an A1 priority, and you throw all the engineering resources you have at solving it until it is addressed. Anywhere else, this would be considered a critical missing feature.

So this is me, as a GM of 20+ years and a developer at a AAA video game studio, respectfully telling you:

Fix this. It is well past time.

If you need design, analytical, or technical assistance, feel free to PM me. I’ll offer whatever help I can.

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