A whole LOT of stuff submitted to D&D for approval


Unlocked! I wish your party luck! :crossed_swords::bug::ghost:


Oh my! This is exceedingly useful! THANK YOU for your hard work! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: it gives the team SUCH a headstart getting the basic structure of each level!


Access granted. Hope you enjoy!


Done! :slight_smile:

Give us some feedback if you are able, and we’ll keep making things better and better!


Grab a subscription and I’ll unlock all this content for you right now…

…or wait till Gen Con!

Wor hor hor!!! :persevere::eyes::crossed_swords::snake:


Loving the DotMM soundsets as I’m running this as DM. Hate to jump on the bandwagon with Saltmarsh, as I’m a player in it, but I would love to hear how it’s shaping up and present it to my DM.


Thanks much. My players are moving rather slowly anyway so they’ve only partially explored the house. They haven’t even had to chance to fall through the hole in the balcony like some overly eager players might :wink:. I’m sure we’ll have fun with it.


Hey. My players are just about to start DDotMM how do I get the sounds? I’m a SuperSyrin subscriber :slight_smile:


Hello! Just subscribed to the D&D package and read this thread. I have a weekly game with a party on level 4 of DotMM and would love to start using it!


Bumping this. As I would love to know how to get DDotMM content soon thanks😊