A whole LOT of stuff submitted to D&D for approval


Awesome. Just started a D&D sub tonight. Can’t wait to use the DotMM sounds.


first feedback: too bad my kids already battled Trenzia in L2: I really love the Trenzia Battle mood, great work. I think I will have to put another similar encounter just to use it :sunglasses:

OK, then, 15 minutes before start. I’ll let you know tonight :+1:


Thank you so much! This is incredible. Can’t wait to use these tomorrow, my players aren’t going to believe this, lol. Thank you for all you do!


So I went first to the Halaster soundset and I LOVE it. The music and ambiance are perfect for DotMM, and the mood it sets is appropriate both for the base material and, in particular, works well for the dmsguild supplements (“Halaster’s Game”). Really knocked it out of the park on that. I like Halaster’s voicing too. I tend to voice my own NPCs, but I do appreciate hearing how others do it and will probably draw inspiration from this.


I also like the new battle music. I have a huge playlist of battlemusic separated by what role the battle takes in a narrative, but even still it gets repetitive sometimes, so moar is good. It also does continue the slightly tech-y and drum-forward sound of Dragon Heist’s combat, which I liked, and that adds some nice sense of continuity between the W:DH and DotMM sounds for those running both campaigns back to back.


Thank you Benjamin! Loved all the soundsets and even got to use Halaster’s “Welcome to the Obstacle Course” when my players descended into that level at the end of the session. Next week, Halaster will be front and center!


@nwalls88 Thanks for your support! I’ve activated early access to the dmm stuff just now.

Enjoy!!! :clap::eyes:


THANKS for all the feedback peoples!

I’m so glad people are liking it all.

And I’m glad you like the techy stuff. I’m figuring we’ve got LOTS of classical orchestral stuff… especially with all the Pathfinder stuff we’ve done in the past, so if people prefer that they can mix that in easily… otherwise I’m going to keep trying to change up the music as often as possible.

That said… there definitely WILL be an actual D&D book for which we will do classic LotR style music sometime soon, for sure! :elf::crossed_swords:


HINT: Our Ghosts of Saltmarsh adventures. *grin


So very excited to see DotMM become a reality.

@benjamin. Are you still looking at the doc I put together?


Oo yes! That’s basically what we based these around, so THANK YOU for your good work there!

Also note: I’ve unlocked early access to all the DMM for you.

Hope you like what we’ve made! :slight_smile:


Hi Ben. Is there any chance of getting access to the Saltmarsh SoundSet before this weekend? I thought there would still be time before we started, but our group decided to jump ship on our other campaign and want me to start DMing Saltmarsh this weekend. Thanks if it’s possible - no worries if not.


Yeah this is all super high quality stuff. Well done Syrinscape! I can’t wait to hear the Saltmarsh stuff and the last… uh… 17 levels of Undermountain :smiley:


I would love access to this. My group just went into Undermountain last session


Thanks @benjamin. By the way, all the levels are filled out in the doc now. So now you have no excuse not to finish the rest of the levels :wink:

For any of you who are ignoring this because you aren’t playing Undermountain, I would reconsider this. There are some really interesting soundsets in there. For example a forest with bloodthirsty druid, noble villas corrupted by the far realms and high school like wizards guild.

Any of them can be pulled for use in other adventures.


I am just hitting the goblin market. Would love to get access!


Oh man - just saw this. I’m running two different campaigns, one Ghosts of Saltmarsh and the other set in Undermountain. Would love to get early access!


Just wondering if there’s any update on when this will be available? I’ll be launching our DotMM campaign in a few weeks and I’m really excited for this sound set!


Hiya @alsoeddy Sorry this is a bit later than you hoped, but the SoundSet is ready and I’ve added it to your account! :slight_smile: Hope you like it!!!

  • Ben gets his extra large shovel! :smiley: