A whole LOT of stuff submitted to D&D for approval


Hey all,

You’ll be pleased to know I just submitted:

  1. Dungeon of the Mad Mage - levels 1 to 6
  2. A complete interactive Halaster
  3. The first adventure of Ghosts of Saltmarsh
  4. An extra secret thing that is coming out at Gen Con… … :bug:
    for approval to Wizards.

I’ll switch this stuff on very soon for our subs…

These are SUPER RICH SoundSets with MANY really cool locations and creatures.

Y’all gonna luv 'em! :stuck_out_tongue:

Once these are approved we’ll start making breakout sets so all the creatures etc will be available as standalone SoundSets and easily searchable and all that.


Now let’s hope Wizards approves them fast, I’ve got a DOTMM L2,3 session on Friday or Saturday :sunglasses:


If you are a Supersyrin chances are good that you can use the pre-release versions at least. :wink:


Uh, I am but I didn’t bother to check. Is it already available to supersysrin subs as a pre-release?! :yum:


@doc Not quite yet, but I’m sure for you we can make sure you get an unlock of the pre-release version by the weekend! :slight_smile: …being a shiny subscriber and all!!!


Now, that would really be an unexpected and added benefit of the sub! Thank you Benjamin :star_struck:



Was literally coming on here to post a question about ETA for these. This is great news! Super pumped.


So excited that these are releasing soon and can’t wait to hear what the ambient soundscapes sound like for levels 1-6 of Undermountain!


Hmmm, global excitement levels increasing, this set could very well be named Soundset of the Mad Masters :joy:


!happy dance! :grin:


Rough timeline down the pipe?


When do we have to be a sub by to get these?


Weekend is approaching fast, my kids and their friends are entering L2/L3 tomorrow (Saturday) at 13:30 CET, any hope for the unlock? :sunglasses:


Running DotMM on Sunday. Hope it gets released!


I’m running DotMM Saturday, so let’s hope so!


No really, I’m running the last part of Level 14: Arcturiadoom tomorrow! :hugs:


@sn0wraven I envy your logistics :sunglasses: . We’re starting tomorrow at 13:30 and I won’t be able to set up the table before 13:00 :sweat_smile: At least I already built my df rooms, but I can’t put them on the table yet, too many kittens in the house.

Now, if I only had the time to paint all of my backlogged miniatures between sessions :roll_eyes:


Kittens… the doom of every Dwarvenforge build. Not even the magnets can withstand their curiosity! :joy:


Hey all,

@doc @AbessiaMalktho @sn0wraven @ostill82
You all are active subs (THANK YOU). I’ve unlocked DMM1-6(plus Halaster) for you. Have a try of them and give me some feedback. Find some typos. Hope you LIKE THEM!!!

@archaratar @nwalls88
This stuff looks like it will go public NO sooner than July 13th, so grab a sub before then and you’ll gain permanent ownership of it when it releases.

ANY OTHER SUBS who would like an early preview unlock of this content, post here and I’ll get it done!

ENJOY!!! :ghost::snake::crossed_swords:


@benjamin thank you! Downloading right now, I’ll make the kids jump tomorrow :joy_cat: