A new guy needs your help with how to handle this logistical bungle

This very well may already be a topic someplace, but I’ve been searching and I need to get this solved by next Thursday (game night).

So I’m loving this application. I’m starting a new campaign and this is exactly what I need to keep my distracted ass players hooked. But I have this problem. My best role player moved away, and I wouldn’t have tried to keep him, but he’s just too good. So now he’s the only one playing remotely, and it’s causing unique problems with Syrinscape.

We use discord to talk to him. It looks ridiculous because we’re all using ear buds to talk to the one guy not in the room, but it is what it is. We just all mute each other. My question is this:

Without using Discord (because it’s already occupied for the group chat), how do I get the Syrinscape sound to him remotely, and also play it in the room for everyone else?

This community is obviously really passionate and experienced, judging by this forum. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

I love you all.

Heya @jenkinsjosh99

Soooo… because I’ve always used the Online Player for online play, I’ve never got into the whole Discord routing thing, but lots of others do. I reckon have a read of a couple of the threads that talk about that and then post there and tag the OPs?

This would be a good place to start:

THOUGH, if you have a SuperSyrin sub, I would recommend using the Online Player for the local play as well… because it’s better in a lot of ways: