414 - 414 Request-URI Too Large

I’ve been routinely getting this error when using the web based Master Interface. Is this a known issue and is there a way to make it stop?

Heya @chief.ahusaka

Can you give us a little more context for this one, maybe a couple of screenshots?

Are you talking in the Master UI? On what sort of device? In a 3rd party integration? In your own custom content? Triggering what thing? All that sort of stuff. We’ll get you sorted. :slight_smile:

NOTE: if you’ll need to share potentially private info to do this then the support email is a good option (often good for getting a faster response as well)

It’s fairly random, but it happens multiple times a day when I am creating sounds for my campaign.

Any update on this? It’s gotten a lot worse. I do have some large Soundsets. It’s happening on almost every change I make now. Seems to happen when a change in the soundsest pane happens.

Sounds like your SoundSet might be too large indeed.

Can you let me know the name of one that is being effected.

AND/OR try halving the size of one… literally dividing content/samples/moods in two between two new SoundSets?

NOTE: this is not something we have EVER heard from anyone else yet… so it COULD also be something weird like a filename that is just massively stupidly long or something.

I went to get the name of the sound set and started clicking around. It was no longer doing it. I’ll try again tomorrow. Strange… Did you guys find something and fix it?

Actually, it is doing it. I refreshed the window and it started doing it again. The soundest is a custom one I made called “Tomb of The Nine Gods” The number is 45740. I think it started doing the same thing on my “Tomb of Antihalation” Soundset. I have uploaded a few tracks. It may have started doing it when I did that, but I don’t think any had crazy long file names.