4 games, no crash!


Hey lurkers waiting to hear if the client is more stable! I think we’re there.

I got impatient waiting on the release noted in Using master/minion with 3rd party applications and decided to retire my discord/syrinscape/voicemeter crazy setup early.

I played 2 games last week and 2 this week and not a single person had a client crash. So it’s now a full replacement for me! Just wanted to let anyone else trying to find out if there were still issues, I think they have it cleaned up.

I do not know if the client auto-updates so make sure you’re running a recent client. Also if the client window glitches out, the regedit fix works great.


also I’m realizing there isn’t an actual description of where to find the regedit fix.

So I’ll throw what worked for me in windows 10, ymmv. You can wreck stuff, so follow these instruction carefully when you delete things (just looking won’t hurt things)

  • Close the online player if it’s open
  • Open Regedit
    • open the Start menu and type regedit . The application should appear
  • At the top, there is a bar that describes your current location, is you haven’t used regedit before it likely just says “Computer”
    • remove any text in that box and paste in
  • This is the command that is dangerous if you select the wrong thing. Once there, there should be a folder in the left column called “Syrinscape Online Player” right click that tag and select delete.
  • restart the online player, you’ll have to relink it and everything because you just blew away all it’s settings including windows size.

-Signed, Some Dude on the internet, follow instructions at your own risk.


This is great to hear!

We’ve made some pretty heavy improvements to the Online Player reliability… and I reckon we are there. I’m gonna call “end of beta”.

I’ll put this regedit fix somewhere useful… and shut down this whole Category… and start a NEW ONE! Yays!