3rd Party Integration, URI and Soundset Creator



I’m using the Soundset Creator to create my custom Soundset. I’d like to trigger the sounds in combo with Fantasy Grounds. So I’m using the 3rd Party Integration option to get the URI and use it elsewhere.

My question is:
What happen if I reupload a new version of the soundset? Do I invalidate all the reference/URI of the older soundset?


Nope your URI’s will remain the same :slight_smile:

To save yourself lots of time I’d highly recommend @Dulux_Oz’s Soundset extension for Fantasy Grounds. He’s already done heaps of the hard work for you!


I’m already using it :smiley:
Thanks for the answer!


Sorry for necroposting this but I have a related question. Whenever I upload the same Soundset I noticed it’s not updating the existing one.

What I mean is that I get this list of soundset:

  • My Soundset
  • My Soundset (1)
  • My Soundset (2)

Am I doing something wrong? I’d like to update the first soundset without creating a new instance everytime.

Thanks in advance!


Uploading a soundset will never overwrite the original. If you want to update a soundset and re-upload it then you need to first remove the earlier version and then upload the new one or else you will just create a duplicate, which is why the server then adds the (1), (2) etc.

To delete a soundset you just need to go to "Your campaigns" on the website. Find the soundset you want to delete and then click the minus symbol that appears next to the soundsets name. You will get a warning that deletion is permanent, if you are happy click yes and thats it, the soundset is deleted and you can upload your revised one


Very clear! Thank you again for the fast answer!


Finally I had a chance to test the reference/URI by updating the soundset.
Unfortunately the same Element doesn’t preserve the same URI if I remove the soundset and reupload it.

I did 3 tests and all of them have a different URI :frowning:





Can I fix it somehow?


Sorry I think when I first read your first question I was a bit confused, thinking you were asking if URI’s of soundsets on the server change.

Whenever you upload a soundset to the server a URI is automatically generated for it and that address remains static whilst the soundset is on the server. If you then delete the soundset and upload a new version of it the server sees it as a new soundset and assigns a new URI.

We are looking at integrating the Syrinscape Soundset Creator into Syrinscape online in the future and with that you will be able to make adjustments to your soundsets as you need to. To my understanding when that happens your URI should remain the same, so that should fix the problem you are currently having

Sorry for the confusion before! :slight_smile:


Oooh ok, So I think it’s better to separate my soundsets in small chunk to avoid to refresh them all in Fantasy Grounds.

Thank you again for the answer!