Your device ID has changed message several times


Does anyone else get the message that "The Device ID has changed and to log in again to authenticate? This happens sometimes " I have noticed that in the last week that I have had the software that I have had to do this almost daily and one day it happened three times.

Whats the fix to this, what is changing on my laptop that this is tied to? I have noticed that this happens mostly when windows updates run.

Can we at least get the message updated to say “It happens… or It happens a lot?” something other than it happens sometimes? lol seems to me it happens all the time…


It happens as soon as your Windows ID changes. Plugging in or unplugging an external hard-drive or USB device changes the Windows ID. Syrinscape unity engine checks the Windows ID in the verification process and demands a log in to update your account.


Yeah, tricks to avoid this include:

  1. Starting Syrinscape when you laptop has the same sorts of things plugged into it as it did before (usb drives, soundcards etc)
  2. Just don’t shutdown Syrinscape at all?
  3. crossing fingers and toes :wink: