You cant use online player with dnd sub, must be super only?


Can you verify that you must have the most expensive sub to broadcast to players online? This seems a bit moneygrabby.


The DnD, Pathfinder or Sci-fi subs allow access to those respective soundsets whereas the Supersyrin sub (which is only $3.84 per month more) allows full access to all of our soundsets, the Online Player and the Creation tools. The Online player utilises all of our content and cost a lot of money to develop, which is exactly why we offer two levels of subscription. Some people only want access to soundsets, others want to use the full range of tools, you can chose to subscribe to whichever package suits your needs and budget


Is there a way to change from fantasy to super without a large overcharge?


@QuiteGoneJin You can upgrade or crossgrade your subscription at any time. It should take effect immediately and only charge you the difference between your old and new subscriptions.