Wrath of the Righteous AP

This adventure path is truly epic. I would love to hear your guys take on this one.


It’s a good one, I’ll give you that! :smile:

Any plans for this adventure path?

Not yet.

BUT it certainly IS easily coverable with the sounds we’ve already built.

if someone make some Campaigns in the Campaign manager and posts the here… that would be pretty cool!

Took a break for awhile, but looking for WotR sound sets again. Searching myself currently, but haven’t found any campaigns as you suggested. Has this happened that you are aware off?

If you let me know what locations/monsters/moods/events you need, I can certainly recommend sets for the AP!

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Thanks! I’ll have to gather some info. Saw one of your early WotR recommendation posts and was awesome so would be super appreciative of that :slight_smile:

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