World War 2 sounds


Hi all;

I’ve been playing a WW2 campaign and would love some sounds - specifically vehicles. Half-tracks, jeeps, kubelwagons, tanks, propeller aircraft, dive bombers. I’ve been using the sci-fi sounds for most of rifles and such, but would really love some vehicles.


While there aren’t sounds specifically for those, I can offering some possible cheats until Syrinscape gets a chance to make some.

@nino_freuler was asking for some WWII aviation sounds last year, and mentioned they used a combination of the 1920s car motor (from 1920 Car Chase) plus howling winds (from Desert World/Frozen Moon) to simulate a fighter plane.

The various speeds of the 1920 Car Chase (slow, moderate, fast) could be used to simulate the motor sounds of jeeps or some larger vehicles. The moderate sound is particularly deep. General 1920s traffic could also be of some use.

Mech Battle has an element called “distant combat ambiance” which is distant gunfire/movement/explosions, which could be good for passing by a more distant fight, or for zeroing in on one that you’re headed towards. “Background armor activity” in the same soundset sounds much more tank-y than anything else I’ve heard. “Explosions with debris” and “large explosions with debris” from this set is also very generally useful for when something needs to be blow up.