Won't apply "reverb" on two Music in Sci-fi player - SOLVED

I’ve created my own Soundset with various musical ambiance in different moods.
I’ve applyed the “Trough a heavy door” on various musics. Work fine in the Online player but two of these music doesn’t get the reverb once downloaded in the sci-fi player.

I Dont get why it’s not working on two of them while it’s perfectly working on the others.

Hello? Anyone got an idea what is wrong?

Heya @khelben_karnaj,

Sorry for the slow response here.

There may be a number of explanations for this, very likely the tracks that aren’t getting reverb are set to Is_3D false(?)

Wanna give me the exact name of the SoundSet you are having trouble with and I will take a look?

Note: for a more timely response, the support email is best. :slight_smile:

Writting to you on the support mail right now , thank you :slight_smile:

I see you there. Replying. :slight_smile: