Wolves/Werewolf and Horses


Hi there,

I was really surprised to see that, with the immense selection of available sounds, there is not a single one with two of the most basic fantasy staples: The howling of wolves in the distance, angry wolves snarling and snapping and/or a werewolf soundset with transformation and combat sounds. :slight_smile: I can’t be the only person looking for this.

Another thing is, although there is a really nice set with a wagon journey, I don’t think I’ve seen a sound for horses in full galopp with whinnying, whips cracking and upturned dirt. Maybe a western set with saloon atmosphere and such would be nice too.

All in all, great stuff. Keep it up!


You want wolves? We got wolves! Wolves in the distance - Storm. Wolves growling and howling - Thrushmoor (under “fungal wolves” but they sound like regular wolves). More wolf howls - Spooky, the mood “wolves hunting us”. Werewolf transformation and attack/wolf attack - Lycanthrope Stalker.

There is a galloping sound - Never Ending Night has “unicorn galloping past” and “unicorn whinny” which sounds like a normal horse (though the time of the gallop is limited). There is also Xin-Shalast, which has a “pounding hooves” element for a stampede. For whip cracks - Gnoll Battle or Kenku Battle have “whip crack” elements.

You have need of a western saloon? Do I have a deal for you! Mosey on over to the Board Game player and click on “Sulfurous Penumbra”, which has western music and a western tavern (even a western tavern brawl). Spike also had more western music and sounds, including harmonica!


Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile: I will check it out.