Wizard and skeletons battle


I’m running a one-shot for some new players and I’m going to throw an evil mage and a couple skeletons at them for the final battle. It will be set in a library. Any suggestions for a set or sets that would have appropriate elements/ambiance/final boss music? Thanks!


Check out Zombie Battle - that has “scratching bones” and “skeleton bones” elements, along with disturbing sounds, moans, rasps, armor jingles, and weapon impacts.

For the wizard, check out the Board Game player and examine Spellcaster - Sorcerer. That has both incantations and magical effects in a wide variety of one-shots. Or in the Fantasy Player, Wizard Spells (Ezren) and/or Wizard Spells D&D5e!

Spellcaster - Sorcerer has excellent battle music to boot. :slight_smile:


This is good battle music! Thanks so much!