Windows 7can't open file


Hi, trying to install Syrinscape on my PC, once downloaded it says Windows can’t open the file.
Using Win 7
Any ideas ?



Syrinscape is a pretty powerful multi-mixer designed to play multiple tracks in a rich 3d environment. This mean that it requires newer operating systems to be able to handle the app and all of its functions properly.

I’m afraid Windows 7 was released back in 2009 and no longer has the resources to handle Syrinscape. We used to say that the minimum spec was Windows 7 service pack 1, but we’ve had a couple of big updates since that was last tested so I suspect it’s now more likely Windows 8 that would be the minimum requirement.

Do you have a tablet or smartphone that you could run the Android or iOS versions of the app on instead?


Hi, I thought that might be the case. Yes I do have a tablet. I will use that.