Wild Beyond the Witchlight Chapter 2

I was wondering if we know how close to release that second chapter of the wild beyond the witchlight is due for release as my players are getting close to crossing into the feywild?


my players are at that point too… kinda suprised there hasn’t been a response yet to your thread or the other one i saw in the forums. would be cool if they had a roadmap on when they will release them so we could plan our games around their release.

Yeah, sorry about the lack of responce… we had a bump in the schedule.

Witchlight was schedualed for LAST week, but the final approval didn’t quite come through on time, so we had to put it on hold.

BUT, good news, it WILL come out THIS week… will be available for all our subs on Wednesday and will appear in the store on Friday.

THANKS for your patience on this one! :slight_smile: :beer: :pizza:


OMG I’m not even playing TWBTW and I am SO excited to hear Chapter 2. Chapter 1 was incredible.

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Thanks!! i will be looking out for it!!

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Unfortunately, these things take time. There are so many musical encounters (characters singing, musicians playing) that it is slowing me down from creating a film like sound score as well as creating original environments and creature sounds. Working as fast as I can. But there is not enough hours in my working day to whip these up. Even the finished soundset are not complete to my vision. Maybe a directors cut in the future…? :crazy_face:

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Lots of Bonus Content :slight_smile: Always hyped for bonus content.

That would be AMAZING!

Thanks for the response!

Just downloaded the Hither soundsets! They’re awesome, thanks for all the hard work! Love the music for the Inn at the End of the Road.


Glad you are enjoying them! @ominousbarry has done an excellent job on these as always :grin:


Absolutely in love with the breadth and depth of music from the second chapter! Really just love having it on even in the background of surfing the net or doing anything else.