Why is it that the store search turns up no results when searching soundset titles


It seems to happens most of the time when I’m looking for descriptions of soundsets that appear in the list of available sets within the player. I want to see what’s in it before downloading but cannot. In addition, these empty results always say five matches.

Also, why do I need to go to the website to search in the first place? The description, including the moods/elements should be available within the player before it is downloaded.

In the least, a direct link to the store page should be given.


Hey @dungeons Have a go of the Online Player… You can actually play stuff in there without actually pre-installing anything.

Start here:
And watch this tutorial:

(you’ll need just the first bit for personal use).

And yes, better search on the store is something we are working towards.

That said, can you give us an example of something you are searching for, that you are NOT finding in the store search… so we can check it out. :slight_smile: :bug: :hammer:


I often need to do things through my phone so working with the online player will eat up my data. I have a lot of downtime in the car and want to download soundsets at home or when near a wifi hotspot so that I can go through and listen to the elements when offline.

Later, when I know which soundsets I will use during the game, I expect I might be using the online player as my players are remote. If I can just use the soundsets that I’ve already downloaded that might reduce

Things I have searched with no results?
Abandon (returns two results but not BHH Abandon All Hope)
Chase (2 but not DH Chase)
Courthouse or even just Court

Plus other things that I cannot recall at the moment. Should I be using regex search strings? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BTW, I have watched that video already :wink:



Note that those search terms are in the actual titles of soundsets. I think I have also unsuccessfully searched for words that are in mood or element names but it’s been a while for that so I’m not completely sure if that has happened.


OK. I see that too… the store search is probably the weakest of all.

Just to be 100% clear, you DO get useful search results for these fords in the Online Player AND Fantasy Player, right? Because, I do. :slight_smile:


Not sure as I’m just going through the list within the player. If the descriptions and element listings were in the player’s entries before downloading the sets, I wouldn’t really need the store search at this time.

Thanks for your time!


Ah… so YOU @dungeons are looking for info on a SoundSet by search a word from the the name of that SoundSet, but here are indeed no products with names containing the words you are searching for, so you are getting no results.

eg “Chase”
The “Dragon Heist” Adventure SoundPacks include a SoundSet called “dh Chase”, it’d make sense for “chase” to return that product as a search result.

@sonofconan we need to be able to return search results based on the Titles of SoundSets belonging to Products.

Sense makes?

That said, @dungeons looking at the demo video for “Dragon Heist” isn’t reeeeeally going to tell you in much details about ALL the dozen or so SoundSets in there… better to actually try it out really… hmmmm…


I don’t think I’m only having problems with ones in a pack plus I have often added in the whole title without any result.

I’m not looking for the videos but just to see the listing of elements (plus the overview telling me what the soundset is about). Then I’ll have a more educated idea of whether I want to explore the soundset at this time.

It doesn’t make sense to be exploring things in the player and have to go elsewhere to get basic details without having to download dozens of megabytes of data (although a direct link in the player to the soundset’s store page would be a decent workaround for now).

I can’t wait until I can schedule my next game session and actually start using your great product. Time just flies by.