Where to use sounds in a soundset for a campaign?

So my game is going into the dungeon of the mad mage. I’m running fantasygrounds and using the online player with an extension/mod to play the sounds from…Is there somewhere that provides a cheatsheet or guide to where the various sounds in this sound pack goes/is used in the campaign?

I suggest going into the online player and copy the sound set you want to use. Go into that copy and rename the different moods - adding the number corresponding to the location they are created for. This requires you to have a super Syrinscape subscription.

That’s what I’ve done in my released sound sets - TftYP: Tomb of Horrors and TftYP:AtG: steading of the Hill Giant Chief. You can have a look there. The E in some of the descriptions I use to signal that the mood is triggered on an event at that location.