Where did upload go in the online creator?


I’m a little confused as to where the option for uploading my own sounds has gone in the online version of the soundset creator, and I seem to keep running into conflicting info when looking in the app itself. For example, if I open up ‘Library -> Samples’ and click on the ‘?’ it says: https://gyazo.com/91f8992c2b1556a185dfca8026193266

But I don’t see the + to add to the element playlist or that upload cloud icon anywhere.

If I go over to the property inspector and add a soundset there is a cloud icon there but it says ‘publish as community content’ and the other smaller icon says the same on hover: https://gyazo.com/79922b7f4379d2788a5d22198b3a23c2

Where did the upload go?


You don’t need to upload anymore. With the Online creator you are working directly on the server and your created soundset is automatically ready to be downloaded into the genre players.


I don’t need to upload my own custom sounds? Then where should I be putting them?


Ah, yes, @qwiksilver711 You upload your samples directly into the elements you want them in. See the IMPORT SAMPLES button in the element inspector?

If you haven’t already, it sounds like it might be worthwhile doing a recap of these videos:

@new_vision thought you were talking about the upload a SOUNDSET button (which indeed does NOT exist anymore) :smiley:


Yep, I must have read soundsets, I blame tiredness. My bad, but @benjamin jumped in to save the day. :slight_smile:


So what are you building @qwiksilver711?