When is the date for the Lovecraft soundtrack?


Been loads of delays and I know there was loads of new stuff with integrating sounds from different environment.
SCI-FI player not getting much love now days and being Supersyrin I realty wish Lovecraft was a part of the fantasy Player.

All my fantasy games are with loads of Lovecraft lore playing D&D in any world
and Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for 5e coming.

I play in the world of Midgard who is full of Mythos and the world of Thule for 5E.

Understand you need your money @Syrinscape but would love skipping soundset creator I never use ( I would love to doh )

I been a SuperSyrin sub almost from the start of Syrinscape :slight_smile:

I am Suprsyrin because of Lovecraft - so any good dates would be good Thx

Keep up the good work! ( you can realize sound-sets from Chaosium before they realize they models - not on there realize date :wink:


There will be some smaller soundsets around for 1920 Cthulhu ambiance soon. This weekend will be busy due to conventions, but soon after those will hit the streets.


@thornbound Yeah… LOTS of love for Cthulhu coming VERY soon.

(now I think about it… that sentence sounds a bit weird) :squid:

To be specific (and less weird).

Chapter II of masks will be out early Nov, and we have 3 standalone 1920 SoundSets coming out to (I think… Library, Asylum, Office).

AND, i just turned on "Speakeasy 1920), which is reeeeally nice.