What's the best hidden content in Syrinscape?


Sooo… what’s the best bit of content in Syrinscape that at the moment is hidden in some adventure path SoundPack comewhere?

What should we break out and release as separate content?

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I know a few folk are keen to get a Gnoll Soundsets :grin:


How about a golem/clockwork set? There are several clockwork guardians (Dragon’s Demand Welcome to Belhaim, Fortress of the Stone Giants The Ancient Library) and various golems (Stone Golem - Ancient Library and Sins of the Saviors 5/6, Rope Golem - Shrine of Saint Senex, Shadow Golem - Soul Anchor, Bone Golem - Mask of Death 5, Flesh Golem - Mask of Death 4).

Dogs? You have dogs, hellhounds, gorefangs, etc. in over a dozen sets, so you could have everything from a puppy to a pack to Cerberus.

Expanding the Dragon Battle pack? You have your general dragon, your red, and your white, but what about adding the green (Dragon’s Demand), the shadow (Ziggurat of Night), blue (Xin-Shalast), and nightmare dragon (Lunar Prison) breath weapons so people can adjust their dragon flavor on the fly?

Fairies - from Rebuild the Ravens. Those things with their goofy voices and pixie dust explosion just make me want to unleash chaos on my players.


Oh yes and that’s another fine opportunity yo unleash the Grimple shrieks :slight_smile:


I second a gnoll soundset. This would be my first choice. (I would also like the autocorrect to quit autocorrecting gnoll into knoll.)

Dragons and clockwork are not priorities, as there’s lots of easily-located options for them.

Golems and (especially) faeries would be really welcome. In particular, a faerie set for both charming and wicked varieties would come in very handy (water nymph/selkie, redcap, shadow fey etc.). I’d love to have golem sounds divorced from the Runelords music, as that music isn’t up to the quality of later sets (esp. Hell’s Rebels) and becomes repetitive too quickly at the table.