What would it take to get Sonos support?


My entire home is wired with Sonos speakers --this is a very high quality Wi-fi based sound system and the company supports more obscure apps than this one. Is anyone else interested in Syrinscape being supported by Sonos?


So would we need to have an App in the Sonos app…? Or can we just route out to it? I don’t Sonos at all, how does it work?

Can you really not just plug a source into the Sonos somewhere? Is there no line-in?


Here’s a discussion about getting audio streamed TO Sonos speakers:

Sonos can also render DLNA streams sent TO them from a Sonos Player App:

It would be SUPER COOL if Syrinscape could act as a source for DLNA which we could then stream to the Sonos speakers over the LAN.

TO get registered as a developer for Sonos tech: musicpartners.sonos.com.

I’ve registered, but haven’t had any time to dig through documentation to discover exactly what kind of functionality the speakers expose to the local network over WiFi.

Seems like getting audio streams to Sonos from Syrinscape is possible. Would be awesome if there was an “out of the box” solution, though.


Hi - I too upvote for Sonos. I just received this email from the Sonos team.

“Thank you for contacting Sonos Customer Care. Potential Music Partners can sign up to develop an integration for Sonos through the Sonos Developer Portal (https://developer.sonos.com), which is open to all qualified partners. If you would like to see this service on Sonos, we would recommend providing your feedback to their team.”





  1. it’s not the same thing
  2. there’s definitely lag for oneshots

You can use Airconnect (https://github.com/philippe44/AirConnect/) to stream via Airplay 1 to all of your Sonos equipment. I can confirm it works.

On the long run, it would probably be better for Syrinscape to support Airplay2 and for us then to add an AP2 Sonos compatible speaker to the house, so it can relay to all others legacy speakers.