What parameters can change between different moods

So I’m currently working on a sound set for “Steading of the Hill Giant Chief”.
I’ve created moods using different elements. But some of the elements are used in moods that have very different settings (indoors/outdoors). I know I can change the volume on an element between different moods and not have it change in all the moods where the element is used. What else can I change?

Can I change:

  • reverb preset?
  • distance to sound?
  • Allow 3D positioning?
  • Angle to sound?
  • Movement of sound?

Also - I’m using a bluetooth speaker as my setup. What would your recommended settings be for creating sound sets for that. I’m having trouble with 3D positioning muting sounds (as I’m not using a multi-speaker setup) but it seems I need to allow 3D positioning in order to be able to use the reverbs.

So, the easiest way to differentiate between indoor/outdoor use of elements is indeed making a copy of it and adjust the settings to fit your needs. Copying an element is “cheap” when it comes to file size. As it is using the same samples and only changes the parameters of play, you won’t blow up the soundset unnecessarily.

When you start experimenting with the settings, keep in mind that they might be tied together closely when judging the result. For example - if you use “Stone Dungeon” as reverb, the further you move the samples “away” (aka increase the distance), the more echoy it gets, due to the nature of the dungeon walls reflecting the sound and multiplying the resulting echos. If you choose “Carpeted Hallway” a lot of the reflections will be muffled by the soft surface of the carpets, hence you get a different set of reflections.

Easiest thing is trail and error to see what fits your need. Be bold! :smiley:

Angle is pretty self-explanatory: if you set it to “-90 to -90” it is to your left, set to “-135 to -45” it can be positioned to your left, but may be a little bit up front or behind. You catch the drift.

3D positioning is important as to utilize the whole reverb engine. If you don’t allow 3D positioning it is perceived as pure stereo (think move soundtracks - the score is played as a stereo track, whereas effects are always placed in the surround spectrum) - which is an optimal setting for music but not the best for effects.

As for setup - always use what’s best for the setup you use when playing. And - see above for the 3D thing. I don’t have a surround set at my table, but i try mixing it as good as possible to perform well on different output devices. It is a balancing act, but if it sounds great for you on your system, then you should go for it! :wink:

I suggested to the devs once that they should add filters for sounds, so that thunder and lightning would sound indoor-ish, if we simply cut the high end of those sounds. It’s amazing how every day sounds would sound as if they were being heard indoors, through walls, just by cutting the high end.

It’s been a while since I’ve used Syrinscape, so not sure if they’ve added cutoff filters yet or not.

The Creator already has reverb filters, but as New_Vision has said above distance and positioning all also play a major part in how a sound plays back. The settings apply to each element, so if you want the same samples with different reverb and positioning settings you just need to duplicate the element and give it a new name, then set things up exactly as you want to hear it.