What monsters & locations should we break out next?


So what are the next obvious things to break out as stand alone SoundSets?

Make your suggestions here, and we’ll get to them!


A glass/mirror maze/realm
A managerie that holds live creatures and maybe some humans
The moon
Arabian cantina/city
Th realm of the mountain king
The goblin king’s Coronation
Mythical creature tamer

I know some of these are probably already made and some are kind of joking kind of not but I thought I would try.


Gothic Church would be really nice and is something that is definitely missing and hard to make with what we have.


Agreed - Gregorian chanting, organ music, that sort of thing.


For sci-fi (Starfinder): Starships landing and taking off. Thrusters, landing gear, etc. (As heard from inside and outside.)

Other scenes: Gala reception, big auditorium concert.


Cave of bats and an attack of a bat swarm would be good.


look at the Skeever soundset. it has bat sonar and wings flapping.