What monsters & locations should we break out next?


So what are the next obvious things to break out as stand alone SoundSets?

Make your suggestions here, and we’ll get to them!


A glass/mirror maze/realm
A managerie that holds live creatures and maybe some humans
The moon
Arabian cantina/city
Th realm of the mountain king
The goblin king’s Coronation
Mythical creature tamer

I know some of these are probably already made and some are kind of joking kind of not but I thought I would try.


Gothic Church would be really nice and is something that is definitely missing and hard to make with what we have.


Agreed - Gregorian chanting, organ music, that sort of thing.


For sci-fi (Starfinder): Starships landing and taking off. Thrusters, landing gear, etc. (As heard from inside and outside.)

Other scenes: Gala reception, big auditorium concert.


Cave of bats and an attack of a bat swarm would be good.


look at the Skeever soundset. it has bat sonar and wings flapping.


Have you a soundset that could work for a Gelatinous Cube? That’s a pretty iconic D&D monster.

Djinn or Genies (verbal elementals as opposed to just fire sounds or water sounds or air sounds) would also be cool.

Smaller tree combatants – blights, for example, would also be super fun and different.

Ankhegs are distinctive in terms of sound (BIG insect + burrowing effect).

Differentiated big dragon sounds (different sounds for different breath effects; different environmental sounds for the different sorts of places dragons inhabit) would be fun.

Sahuagin would also be useful for the recently released Saltmarsh, too.


Ooze Battle is for your Gelatinous Cubes.

For Ankhegs I would recommend Sci-Fi player’s Insectoid Hive + Giant Desert Worm (which has big burrowing).

Dragons - There already are sets for a White Dragon on a mountaintop, a Red Dragon underground or attacking a city, and a Green Dragon in an abandoned monastery (though you could turn on Swamp or Elven Vale Night/Day or Witchwood for a change of pace).

Underwater Dungeon - Frog People Battle works really well for sahuagain.

Weirdly, tree blights can be represented by the crackling fireplace element in Friendly Tavern, along with some wind and turned down Horror Tree Battle sounds (from the Xin-Shalast set).

For Djinn or Genies, the sounds from Spellcaster Sorcerer or Spellcaster Sorceress (from the Board Game player) are excellent verbal + spell-sounding vocalizations.