What is this for?


Hi Guys,

What is this box for? It is the exact same no matter which sound collection I have pulled up. How to I customize the items in here? It is really weird that it is identical in everything.


Those are called oneshots. It’s meant to keep all the stuff you might use often but don’t want to be a looping sound (thunder, sword hits, death cries, etc.). You can customize it if you have the supersyrin subscription and labeling certain sounds as global oneshots.


Thanks. I do have the supersyrin subscription. How do you edit it? When I click the pencil the box disappears.


@benjamin will need to take it from here. I don’t use oneshots all that much so I’m not 100% sure on how to set them up. I believe there is a YouTube video about it somewhere on the forums.


Hey @anightgirl :smiley:

One note straight up: did you know you can scale the interface (just in case you don’t want it soooo tiny. Find the scale setting under the settings cog.

Which Global OneShots are showing depends on which SoundSets you have installed… so if you don’t want those blue modern weapons showing, you can uninstall the Modern Weapons SoundSet (clear data under settings). There’s a list of which Global OneShots are attached to which SoundSets on the FAQ page (I think).

As for customising yourself, you’ll do that in the Online Player (as long as you have a SuperSyrin sub. See this video:



Will the online player change what I see on the computer version?


Wait… I have to uninstall sound set to remove the from the globals? I have to pick between having a clean global one shot box or being able to use the stuff I have been paying for the last year?

I literally just got done downloading every sound set to my new computer.


Yes, indeed. :slight_smile:

I thiiiink I show that in the video, right?


I’m not quite sure what you are asking here. :smiley:

You can control what you do and do not want to see in the Global OneShot panel by installing or clearing content in the player. Is this a problem?!

Did u watch the video? Yes, with that you’ll be able to specifically make your own versions of SoundSets to add or remove from that same Global OneShots panel in the offline Fantasy Player.

Wanna ask me something specific and I can sort you out? :slight_smile:


I never responded because I haven’t had the time to sit down and actually try this yet. Thank you for your attempt to help.