What is the best way to get some help?

Hello there,

What is the best way to get help with embedding a link to the new Syrinscape online player?

I seem to be getting ignored?

I super excited about this and it could mean that I sign back up to pay again after free August. I need some help?

Hi @Abourious,

Sorry for the lack of response. We have been VERY VERY busy with the launch, monitoring stability, fixing up things… and also… GEN CON! :smiley: I’m prepping for my Gen Con seminar right now. :slight_smile: But happy to answer as I can.

All I can say is there ARE some amazing things we will be able to announce soon in the future = Deep integrations with VTTs made possible by the amazing tech of the Syrinscape Web Player.

For the moment, you SHOULD be able to trigger sounds in the Web Player with ANYTHING at all that will trigger a web link (preferably withOUT opening the actual page). I’ve done this in my Stream Deck, I’ve done this from lite python scripts, and I GATHER you can do this already manually in a number of the VTTs. I’ve seen this done for example in @mattekure’s fantastic mod for Fantasy Grounds. Basically ANYTHING at all that can trigger a web link can control Syrinscape without even needing to nav to the Web Player page (you can copy the weblinks needed by turning on Remote Control Links under the hamburger menu OR by exporting the whole personal CSV).

Definitely ask in the community of your VTT of choice how people are already doing THAT in your particular environment. I’m only familiar with the systems I use.

Does that all make sense? :slight_smile:

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And yes, the embedded player you see on our demo adventure will now be possible for ANYTHING that is delivered as a web page. We HAVE been listening to what people have been asking for, and are SO happy to finally be able to reveal it. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Ben and really appreciate you taking the time out to answer, with my knew found knowledge from you I am going to set off in my quest to make this work in Foundry. :slight_smile:

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And, seriously. THANK YOU for YOUR enthusiasm and keenness! That never goes astray! Keep advocating for what you want! That’s how we make sure the community gets things they actually WANT and NEED! :smiley: :trophy:

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Ok so it is working, I have put a link to Mad Mage Battle Music in a journal in Foundry, clicked the link and it starts playing! This is unbelievably amazing.

However one thing, when I click on the link to trigger the sound it also opens another tab in my browser, please see the screenshot.

I can shut the tab down and it makes no difference, the sounds keep playing.

BEN seriously! This is amazing truly amazing!

All I need to do now is figure out how to stop the new tab from opening whenever I trigger a sound. :slight_smile:

Somehow, not sure how I triggered the Mad Mage Battle Music through a macro in Foundry and it isn’t even taking up that much CPU usage. This is truly amazing.

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I don’t know how you add links to Foundry or what style of links are possible, but here are a few ideas you could try:

Add a hidden/named iframe to the page:

<iframe style="display: none;" src="about:blank" name="syrinscape"></iframe>

Then target the hidden iframe with your links:

<a href="https://syrinscape.com/..." target="syrinscape">...</a>

Or have your links make their request via xhr/fetch:

<a href="javascript:fetch('https://syrinscpe.com/...">...</a>

Or another example using jQuery and events:

$(document).on('click', '.startMood', (event) => {
    let moodId = $(event.target).data('id')
<div class="startMood" data-id="26">Busy market day</div>

Or install the Syrinscape Online Player which (on Windows at least) comes bundled with a proxy application that handles syrinscape-online://... URLs and makes the request without opening a browser window.

Just replace https://syrinscape.com/... with syrinscape-online://syrinscape.com/...:

<a href="syrinscape-online://syrinscape.com/...">...</a>

We are currently working to make a variety of integrations as easy as possible. Keep an eye on the forum, we will make an announcement here when anything new is ready to try.

Thank you, however I am using an iMac.

When I put in the syrinscape-online:// I get a pop up asking what application to use to open the link.

The stuff you’ve written above is beyond my comprehension.

I will look out for more integration soon.

In the meantime I can deal with closing a DJANGO tab every now and again. :slight_smile:

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If you want to use the syrisncape online player on a mac, you will likely need to install the bridge app developed by one of the FG users. Its not specific to FG at all, it just listens for the syrinscape online url links and passes them on to the syrinscape backend. you can find details in the first post here:

and a direct link to the bridge application download here: https://github.com/Moroverse/syrinscape_bridge/releases

Installing this eliminates that popup asking which application to use