What do you folks use for shadowrun (Cyberpunk AND Magic)


Complete newbie here. I am loving using this thing for general ambiance and was thinking of using it a little more actively (DJ GM anyone, lol). My problem seems to be the unintuitive oneshot layout (already posted a suggestion for changing the bottom right area toa drag-drop oneshot hotbar) and the inability to run the fantasy stuff on the sci-fi player(or I am dumb and missed something).
I am using the Syrinscape sci-fi player for things like Cyberpunk Disco, Running The Net, and Market Street 2076 mostly, but what if someone tosses a fireball past the party, or summons a toxic spirit that a roto-drone starts unloading on with an assaultrifle?
Hopefully someone out there did the legwork on this and can lend their ideas. Thanks. :slight_smile:


You can make SoundSets show in any of the other Players by using the Campaign Manager,

  1. Make a new Campaign (under the Tab of the player you want to use)
  2. Add the SoundSets that you want to appear in your campaign
  3. Now go to the All TAB
  4. Add the other SoundSets you want to this Campaign (from the other two players)
  5. Hit reload in the app (or restart) (or wait about 60 seconds)
  6. Now the SoundSet will appear under that Campaign in the app (find it by clicking the All SoundSets tab at the very top left)
  7. And the SoundSets will also appear at the very bottom of the list of SoundSets in the “All” listing AND you’ll be able to keyword search for it too.

Annnnd if you are using Syrinscape Online then all of the soundsets appear in the one interface so you can access everything directly without having to do anything :slight_smile:


In addition to what Steve said about Campaigns and Syrinscape online, many of the Starfinder Sets also work very well for many Shadowrun situations, as they include modern and futuristic weapons, plus spells, in addition to futuristic environments. Add in some of the 2015 and 2017 sets (car chase, coffee house, house party) along with Market Street 2076 and Cyberpunk Disco, and you have an excellent cross-section of ways to do runs in the sprawl of Seattle!


Thanks for the quick and detailed replies. I’ll give them a shot.