What do I NOT get if I subscribe to the D&D package?

I’m new to Syrinscape. Both the D&D and Pathfinder subscription options say you get access to all existing D&D AND Pathfinder AND generic fantasy content. So what is the difference? Can you give me an example of what I WON’T get if subscribe to the D&D subscription that I WOULD get with the Pathfinder? And vice versa?

If you subscriber to D&D:

  1. you access to ALL Fantasy content (except Community Content = this comes with the super Syrin
  2. you gain permanent ownership of any D&D content that us released during the period of your active subscription
  3. you do NOT gain permanent ownership of any Pathfinder content

By not having a SuperSyrin you are also missing out on:
a) Sci-fi and Board Game Content
b) the creator functions of the Online Player
c) the ability to run games Online with remote friends.
d) community content

Makes sense?

I guess I don’t understand the difference between “Access” and “Permanent ownership”. So I’d get access (the ability to download and use whenever I want) everything from D&D, Pathfinder and generic fantasy, but if I cancelled my subscription I’d retain ownership of all D&D content and continue to be able to use it whenever I chose? Is that right?


Access means you can use it while you sub is active (like Netflix) and when your sub ends it will go dark

Permanent ownership mean STUFF THAT IS NEWLY RELEASE WHILE YOU ARE ACTUALLY PAYING FOR A SUB will become yours forever. (ie NOT stuff we release before you started subbing). = ie you are a sub today, we release a new product = it’s like you just bought it!

Makes sense?

That makes sense now. Thank you.

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Always happy to help.

Although they are super generous and fair than many subscription models… our sub plans can be a little more difficult to explain than some. :beers::laughing: