Western soundpacks


Hey everyone,

I only just installed Syrinscape and have signed up for super subscription. I want to use it for a game I’m running known as Deadlands, which is a western RPG with supernatural elements. Does anyone have any good recommendations for which files to use? I assume it’ll be a sci-fi one, although a lot of the atmospheric fantasy ones (such as towns, pubs, etc) seem quite appropriate. I’ve got so many soundsets that I just can’t go through them all though! Haha!

Also, I appear to be doing something wrong with my campaign creator. I started in a fantasy setting and added some elements. Then I clicked on the “all” tab and went to find “Steam Train”, but that wouldn’t appear because it’s western. Likewise, “Train Game” wouldn’t appear because it’s board game. But my campaign only appears in “All” or “Fantasy”, so I seem to be doing something wrong with crossing settings. I thought that was the instructions the faq gave, but maybe I misread it…

Thanks a lot folks,


In the Board Game player you’ve already found Train Game. Try also Spike, and if you are a Supersyrin, Sufurous Penumbra. In Fantasy Player, Farmland, River Journey, Into the Valley (stampede sounds) may also be of use. Creepy Shopkeeper and Tavern Keep could also be fun. Let me know what other sorts of sounds you’re looking for!


Great! Thanks a lot for that, just looking for them now. :slight_smile:


Also of use may be Wagon Journey, Mountain Pass, Elements - Wind, Natural Disasters, and Matt Mercer Nostoc (which had a mine ambiance). Several of the Masks of Nyarlathotep sets also have revolver loading/firing, which also is good for shootouts.