Welcome to the Syrinscape Forum “READ THIS FIRST”

Welcome to the Syrinscape Forum and a fantastic community. Firstly we would like to say thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy using Syrinscape as much as we enjoy developing it!

In this section you will see links to several categories within the forum and we STRONGLY suggest that you start by reading the ProTips category so that you can get the most from Syrinscape. You can always come back to this page if you need help finding something within the forum.


Syrinscape ProTips

In this section you can read several topics written by ourselves and the community which we hope will help you to get the most from Syrinscape. To view the category, click HERE

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Got questions on the web site, app or the Creator? Need help with your account? Or think you have found a bug? Take a look at this section and the FAQ as you may find the answer you are looking for. To view the category, click HERE

If you can’t find the answer or want to contact Support directly then email us at support@syrinscape.com and we will be happy to help.

Soundset Creator

SoundSet creators can gather here to discuss the creator, the best techniques, tips, tricks, or ideas and if you have made a Soundset that you want to share with the community then be sure to let us and the community know about it! To view the category, click HERE

Soundset Suggestions

Looking for a particular soundset, need a certain monster for your game or just have a great suggestion for a soundset that you would like to share then post them in here. With over 90,000 sounds already chances are that we already have something that sounds close to what you need! To view the category, click HERE

Custom Campaigns

Here you can post SHARED links to your Custom Campaigns. That’s right, have you got a perfect Setup for a particular Pathfinder Society Module? Have you meticulously planned out the sequence of SoundSets you need for a cold war Nuclear Sub mission? Have you written a Third-Party Module and want to give your fans a ready to go “Left hand Column” setup for Syrinscape? Then this is the place to be. To view the category, click HERE

General Chat

Put everything in general here! Want to tell us a long-winded description of your favourite character, excited about a new movie you want to tell the community about? Or have you had a fantastic idea for a homebrew campaign? Let us know. To view the category, click HERE

If any general topic ends up full of lots of wonderful content, we’ll break it out into it’s own category.


If you would like to see a feature added to Syrinscape or to the Syrinscape SoundSet Creator then put them here. At the top of the category we will start a pinned thread listing each of the ideas, if you see a feature that you like then click the little heart! The more votes a suggestion gets the more likely it is to happen. To view the category, click HERE


Are you a podcaster wanting to find out the exciting things like “Terms of Use & Licencing”? Looking to download some of our great artwork to use as part of your shows? This is the place to talk to other podcasters and the Syrinscape community about how best to use Syrinscape and a place to advertise what your shows all about. It’s also a great place to find out which podcasts are using Syrinscape if you are looking for some great shows to watch! To view the category, click HERE

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question about Syrinscape? Not sure how to do something or want to ask about licencing or just want to know what we are about then this is the place for you! To view the catagory, click HERE