Web Player Volume Control Question

Since the switch to the webplayer from the online player app (which I love as far as accessibility for players) - I’m having volume issues. Does the “Global” volume effect the volume the to the players or just the output volume for the GM? On the app I know I had my own personal volume control as did the players. It would be great for me to be able to adjust my volume without effecting things globally. Yes I can just turn down my headphones but that also turns down the vocals from my players - which are getting drowned out by the sounds.

I dont have a complicated setup - just running off a laptop but I need to find a way to make a balance so I can hear everyone and the output from Syrinscape. Any suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

The Global volume effects the volume for everyone. :slight_smile:
The philosophy is this:

  1. You set a Global volume that is good for you

  2. you can now hear the sound + your players at a good balance

  3. your players all adjust thier personal volumes too so the balance of music to voice chat is good for them too

  4. you start something LOUDER now (like a battle)

  5. it’s a bit loud for you and you can’t hear the players very well

  6. because they set the same balance earlier, that’s the same for THEM right now

  7. you adjust the global volume so the balance is just right for you

  8. because that affects everybody… that fixes the volume for everybody as well

  9. Note: if you had just adjusted your personal volume right now, the sound would STILL be TOO LOUD for the players and they would ALL have to adjust their person volumes as well.

Makes sense?! :robot: :penguin:

Hi Shaun,

I too would love a volume slider independent of the level I’m outputting to the players, but there is a work around: I open a second tab in Edge opened to the same url as the players instances. I then mute the tab with the syrinscape master control page and just listen to the ‘player’ instance, which has it’s own volume slider! Huzzah!

I hope that makes sense and helps.




Actually in Chrome this mutes all sounds for the domain :frowning:

What I do personally is using Arctis 7 headphones with 2 channels (game + chat). Also I use Voicemeeter for separating channels from syrinscape and discussion on Discord (where we play).

You can also do it simply by using Windows Audio Mixer and lower the volume of the browser (inb4: you can use another browser if you use the browser for communication).

This is actually how I solve the issue with GM tool cutting the sounds for me. I mute Chrome and run sounds from online player in Firefox. I was about. to submit bug report for that issue, but… never had time :smiley:


All useful workarounds for specific circumstances ! :slight_smile: :robot: :innocent:

I’m new to Syrinscape. I understand the Global volume changes the volume for everyone. Players can adjust the volume on their own computer. How do I as the GM adjust the volume on my PC?

I know this must be in the docs somewhere I just can’t find it.


Welcome to Syrinscape! Ben has actually already answered this question a little further up this thread and there are also a couple of work arounds listed here if you wanted to use those. either using a separate tab connected as a player or using the Windows audio Mixer to adjust your browser volume.

I think you have also emailed us to ask this, so I have just responded and copied in the actual tips that others have posted above. Give them a try and see which works best for you :grin:

Thanks for the info. Does it remember the Global volume or do I need to set it each time I login to Syrinscape?