Web Player popping/lag

Running the Web Player through Chrome on Pixelbook Go is…not great. Even with absolutely nothing running, after a fresh restart, no tabs or PDFs open etc, the performance absolutely tanks - there’s a lot of lagging and popping/stuttering on playback. I get the Pixelbook Go isn’t particularly powerful (although using the Web Player on a very beefy gaming PC still has a small percentage of the popping/lagging) but I wonder if there’s an option to just play the audio at a lower bit-rate or whatever?

edit - as a side note, I have downloaded the Sci-Fi Player for my Pixelbook, and the performance is fine, but downloading sound sets takes 7 minutes, on a 200Mbps connection. The download speeds would be pretty bad even if it was 2001. :smiley:

We hear you (get it?.. hear you?) :wink: :smiley:

Good info re your issues on this thread:

Great stuff! Thanks for the reply, enjoying the app so far.

Any ideas about the download speeds for soundsets in the Syrinscape Sci-Fi Player? It seems to be a shaky connection as well as a very low download speed. Fluctuations between 0 and 57kB/s, which is probably era-appropriate for a 1920s game of Call of Cthulhu!