[Web Player/Online Player/OneShotAdventure] I cast the 8th level enchantment "Control Volume" at the silence

We have resolved some issues some of you may have noticed. In no particular order:

Web Player:

  • Made OneShot Elements more reliably trigger under rapid fire situations. Now you can throw those magic missiles with greater confidence!
  • Avoided situation where stopping a playing Playlist Entry would silence all currently playing sounds.

Online Player:

  • A Game Master launching the Online Player or experiencing intermittent connectivity issues while running the Online Player could have stopped all sound for other players, this should no longer be the case.

One Shot Adventure:

  • Update Under a Fell Black Sky volume control.
    • You can now hear the volume change as you slide the control, and the volume change is not sent to other players before you release the slide.
    • Actually send an appropriately scaled volume value to our server, so it should no longer be exploding eardrums when used.
    • The slider value is adjusted as game session volume is updated elsewhere, for example via the Master Interface.
    • Start the slider control with current game session volume on initial page load.