Web Player Lags On Complicated Soundsets

I recently switched to using FireFox to use the web player (Chrome was lagging really bad) and now FireFox has started to have the same issue. It works great on simple sound sets (mood music, single track items), but when a battle starts, the sound starts cutting in and out and the browser becomes unresponsive. Syrinscape is the only thing open in the browser, my players also hear the sound dropping in/out. Any suggestions?


Heya @FSHSchmo,

What content are you using? We are in the processing of auditing a lot of the old SoundSets and tweaking a few of the reverb settings.

We are using an OLD laptop of mine to benchmark and are generally finding it’s quite easy to make stuff go from “not playing smoothly” to “just fine”.

If you let me know where you are adventuring we’ll take a look at those ones straight away. :slight_smile:

It was Air Elemental Battle and Giant Scorpion Battle.

The new Shadow of the Dragon Queen soundsets haven’t given me any issues, they are amazing!

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OK! @FSHSchmo,

Wanna have a go with those two again now? I’ve fixed them up. :bug: :hammer:

Working more smoothly now?

Note: when you share a link to a SoundSet (VERY USEFUL) you can remove your game session ID (and one slash) to anomalise the link… that way it will open in MY session as ME, rather than ME joining YOUR session. Makes sense?


(we have edited out your session ID in your post above already) :slight_smile:

Finally got a chance to give this a try, at least the Air Elemental Battle, and it worked great!


Yay! Thanks for the help hunting these, @FSHSchmo. Continue to let us know when you find that content that doesn’t play smoothly for you. :slight_smile:

Ive hade the same issue. Been GMing Strength of Thousands and “simple” sound sets works fine but generally combat ones start lagging progressively more, until the point where no sounds gets through.

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I’m having the same issue with things like “The First Combat” in the Pathfinder Beginner Box adventure, Menace Under Otari.