Web Player: Initial Sound Volume Bug

I made an observation that every time I start a web player new game session and start a mood, the volume is way low, even though the volume sliders default is a little past half volume.

If I slide that main volume ever so slightly in any direction, the volume suddenly jumps to the volume the slider is showing.

So initial starting volume is wrong or the slider is wrong, but the fact that the volume suddenly jumps dramatically suggests that the slider is correct but the volume is wrong.

Yes, I use Edge but Edge is chromium :slight_smile:

Another note worth mentioning that I didn’t test.

I tend to leave my tabs open from previous days/weeks. I shut down windows and when I restart and open Edge, it opens all my previous tabs. Not sure if that matters and I can’t test ATM, but thought I’d mention that as it may matter for testing purposes.

I’ll test that another day.

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Thanks for the report! I realise this is some time later, but I believe we worked this one out. The Web Player was reading its volume from one source, and the slider widget on the Master Interface was reading it from somewhere else. That somewhere else was less reliable, and would sometimes forget what was set and revert back to the default 100%. But the more reliable source could remember that you turned the volume down last session, and so the Web Player would sound softer than the slider shows.

Touching the slider updated both places to be the newly set value so the Web Player then starts sounding like it agrees with the slider value.

Assuming we got this all around the right way, the Web Player was sounding “correct” and the slider was just showing the wrong value, but this should be resolved now so the slider shows the same value that the Web Player is respecting.

Let me know this goes for you, but there is also a news post including this update here:

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