Web player as a player, online player as dm conflict

love using the online player when i run games. everything works great that way, and has for years…

however, i am trying to join a game as a player using the web player, and i am getting no sound (using chrome). any ideas…?

thx, in advance.

If you are using the Web player then are you opening the Web Player app and not the Online Player?

When you click the link sent by your GM you should be taken to https://app.syrinscape.com/

You can find full details about the Web Player here; https://syrinscape.com/web-player/

If you are going to the Web Player and still not getting any noise, then can you see the waveforms moving when the GM triggers sounds? If they are but you are not getting audio then double check your audio settings to make sure that the browser volume is turned up.

If you are still having problems then drop us an email at support and we can help get you sorted! :slight_smile:

Found a solution. When a non-chrome (default) browser loads the web player and fails (saying the browser is unsupported), the link does not have the dm invite key, and there is no way to get it. Finding that key (having the dm send a pic of if, and then manually typing the url with the long key into a supported web browser) does the trick.