We need a stop button


We need to be able to sample elements and not have to listen to the ones we know we don’t want for the next 1-2 minutes of play time… god forbid we accidentally trigger two or more. . .

This would dramatically increase the efficiency of the workflow.



Not sure if this is relevant, but I “stop” a given sound (Mood or 1-Shot) by turning on and then off another Mood. When I’m using Syrinscape thru Fantasy Grounds (via the excellent DOE:Sound Extension - a Shameless™ Self-Plug) I’ve got set up a “Sound Of Silence” Stop Button which triggers the “Silence” Mood from the Custom Moods Soundset.

Does that help at all?



This also works if you’re working in the Creator.

But it’s true, an actual Stop button in both the player and Creator would be a good idea.