Waterdeep: Dragon Heist is LIVE!

So all Fantasy and SuperSubs should be able to see NINE new Waterdeep: DragonHeist SoundSets in the Fantasy Player (all under “DH…”). MANY gorgeous new environments & encounters in this stuff. Hope you love them as much as we loved making them!
See the demo video and other details here:

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Will there be a second pack coming for the remaining chapters, if so, is there an ETA? Started running this on monday and my players are already halfway through the first chapter. Not going to take long before they’re past the content in this pack.

Also, with the DH Zhentarium Hidehout, I think the ‘When the Lords Waterdeep ousted my father’ clip might be in the wrong section. It’s also in the DH Nim’s Secret set, guessing it got put into both by mistake?

I am most of the way through Chapter 4, which makes up the remainder of the adventure, and our approval process should be MUCH smoother this time after working out how to do things properly for WotC.

So definitely no more than 4 weeks.


Oop! I’ll take a look at that one.

THANKS! :slight_smile:

Keep your eye for more stuff like that, this was a VERY complicatedly laid out Adventure (from a building SoundSets point of view).

I think we came up with good solutions, but mistakes happen when the brain is stretched!

Chapter 4 is LIVE!

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Will there be additional content for the chapters 5-8? and this amazing content gets me excited to ask if Dungeon of the Mad Mage will get the same amazing coverage? I ask because there is nothing in the coming soon area of the site.

Yeah, we’ll do the four BBG lairs… Xanathar first = we have some AMAZING stuff from Chris Perkins.

THEN we will break out a whole lot of content (ie make standalone monster and location SoundSets from the “dh…” SoundSets = eg Gazer, Mind Flayer… that sort of stuff)

THEN we will look at what to build next. DMM, looks like a pretty attractive choice atm, though we might but the word out to get user opinions before we nail down a decision.

Personally, i’d like Wizards to republish Red Hand of Doom, so i can release official SoundSets for that (fav adventure)

RHoD was an incredible adventure benjamin. In my opinion, it was the best WoTC module during the 3.0 / 3.5 era!

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I am literally campaigning for them to publish it again, while I am here with them at TwitchCon.

Just watch this space! :wink:

Sweet! Hopefully you’ll come back with some good news.

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I finally convinced my group to run W:DH tonight, we got to second level. the sounds really helped with setting the scene. My players mimicked hiding under the table when Durnan yelled “Troll” and the battle music started. The kenku squawking and mimicking during the battle was great when our group needed a hook to the next level. When I played “Mind Flayer Battle” that was right as one of my players walked in the room and said “I’ll just hide in the bathroom” and turned around and mimicked walking back out. Thank you for your awesome sound set. Please hurry on the summer sound set (That is our season of choice) and as I said before, at this rate, Please do Dungeon of the Mad Mage. That totally has my vote now.

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I’m really excited for a Dungeon of the Mad Mage soundset as well

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I would LOVE a Tomb of Annihilation set! (yes, I am just about to start DMing the adventure! :smile: )


Can we share your very nice and fun words on our Social Channels, Morgan? :grin::grinning:

Yes, go forth with my blessing. I generally assumed anything I said in the forums fell under public usage anyway.

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The dialogue for “speak with dead” on DH soundset Fireball are really hard to understand. I had to read the dialogue from the book for them to get anything out of the dialogue. Whatever you did to clear up Durnan, please do that, I guess? i love the set, just updating what works and what needed adjusting. You guys rock!

I just discover the software which look like amazing! As I’ll start DMing Dragon Heist soon I was wondering if there is anyplan on releasing the chapter 5-8 as it was asked before ? (I didn’t find any more recent topic, I apologize for make this one alive again)
Thanks :slight_smile:

Epic necro @Azumi :slight_smile: :smiley:

There are NOT plans to do Chapters 5-8. The feeling was that there is plenty enough support for anything you need to do in those chapters already in the existing SoundSets we made for Dragon Heist.

BUT, if there is something in particular you are missing, someone here will be able to point you to specific Syrinscape content from other places to fill any void.

Let us know!

I see, thanks a lot for your reply!
I have a no real idea of what I’m looking for. As a new DM playing with music your software with a well structure music ambiance is a real charm for me as I don’t have to mind about having the right music at the right time. So, if anyone have advice on musics for chapter 4-8. I will be glad to have these advices. :slight_smile: