Watch a stream with Ben


Hey peoples! I’m going to be hanging out here: Fun stream! Come, offer support, enjoy… have annoying side chats with me while we watch! Also… GOBLINS!!!


Since Ben mentioned Twitch, let me also remind people that our game streams (practically) every weekend on Twitch (followed up by YouTube).

This week we’re playing some Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn on Sunday from 04:00 UTC to about 08:30 UTC.

Next weekend we’ll be plaing some Deadlands Classic on Saturday from 04:00 UTC to about 08:30 UTC - this one’s going to be a good one because the posse are up against a big Boss Fight. I even drew a nice (Campaign Cartographer) Battle Map for them. :smile:

You can catch up on old episodes (sessions) on my YouTube channel - but its not necessary.

So drop on in and enjoy the show: or catch up:




I approve this message!