War for the Crown Campaign

I’m doing an online Pathfinder playthrough of their War for the Crown campaign over on Paizo’s own Twitch channel, and recently discovered Syrinscape’s SoundSet creation tools. So, of course, I threw together a SoundSet for the portion of the campaign we’re currently on!

At the moment this only has the last two chapters of “Songbird, Scion, Saboteur” (Book 2) and the first chapter of “The Twilight Child” (Book 3). Moving right along on building these though, in order to stay ahead of my own group! More to come!

I hadn’t started on this project until we were in the middle of Book 2. However, I’m pretty sure the SoundSet “Debauched Gala” will cover about 90% of your “Songbird” needs for the first act of that book.


Also, here’s a Dropbox link with the full .zip files for direct download.

Now includes custom samples for Psychopomps/Sakhils!

Wanna export the zip from the creator (the little download symbol on the title bar of the SoundSet Inspector).

Share that with me and I’ll check it out. :slight_smile:

Sure can do boss, this should be what you’re after?

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Updated with a SoundSet for the final act of Book 2: Saboteur!

Here is a direct download link to a dropbox folder with both .zips so far.

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Looking at these now…

Pretty cool!!!

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Fancy branching out time:

I’ve updated the “SSS Saboteur” SoundSet with some additional One Shots for the final battle. Playing around a bit with adding some of my own custom audio to the player!

I’ve given the final boss 5 voice lines tied to One Shots, and replaced the “Ehlers Laugh” audio with a new one I recorded myself to fit his new voice. I don’t know if the SoudSet on the site/player is updated yet, but the Dropbox link definitely has the new .zip (Besides, by the time anyone reads this, the site will probably be updated too!).



Our group is moving along pretty fast now, so I gotta churn these out at a decent clip. And, seeing as the beginning of Book 3, “The Twilight Child” is somewhat open-ended… I’m gonna need to make at least 2 more REAL SOON.

Included with this newest one are more custom voicelines for Xan, using the same modulation template as Ehlers in the previous SoundSet. They’re basically the same race, it makes sense to me!

The OP now has an updated link to both the campaign and the Dropbox folder for direct downloads.

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I did that thing. Two new chapters added!

Campaign now contains SoundSets “TTC Sanguine Brothers” and “TTC Tallgrasses” for the first two major quest chains in the third book. 95% existing Syrinscape samples, 5% custom things for the Grasslings.

Good news, I don’t have to update the OP anymore, that happens automatically. Super good news because I apparently don’t have the ability to edit posts older than a month?

Hey there !

This sounds amazing, I’m currently running WftC with my own group currently and this could be really useful.

I cannot import the campaign to my own campaign manager (well, I can, but it’s empty), and if I understand well it’s because it is not community content yet ?

Is there any way this can be made available to other people ?

Cheers !

Well, I’m not sure about that. This is the first set of custom SoundSets I’ve made so I’m not entirely clear on how the sharing and whatnot works.

That said, the Dropbox link in the OP should just have, I imagine, the raw files necessary for you to load it into your own Syrinscape. But again, not 100% on how this works.

@benjamin might be able to help us out?

Book 3 fully completed, with a new SoundSet “TTC The Encircling Bower”, the whole of Book 3: The Twilight Child is supported!

These last few are a lot more focused on just one or two settings since these whole chapters only take place in a single area (or in two cases, a single building) supported by sound effects and One Shots for the various encounters.

@Steve Wanna help out here!

Sounds like a GOOD thing. :slight_smile:

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Oh sounds good! I shall take a look once the plane lands and have a proper listen (Currently sat on the runway) :grin:

This sounds brilliant - just running WfTC myself and they’re just getting to the Dignified Repository so having the second book soundset would be most excellent.

@Steve @benjamin I might be being blind/stupid but how do I import the soundset once I’ve downloaded it from Squiidish’s dropbox?

Hey @squiiddish these are all looking really great. Do you want us to publish them all as Community Content so that Supersyrins can download them?

If so let me know the names of each soundset and the order that they should be in and I can get them made live :slight_smile:

I’m assuming that you’ve only used Syrinscape samples and music or samples that you have the rights to use? i.e Creative Commons, public domain etc.

Sure, @Steve, that sounds great! All the materials used were either existing Syrinscape samples or things I recorded myself (psychopomp voices, grassling sounds).

There isn’t material for the first book, or the first act of the second book, but the rest of book 2 and all of 3 are currently covered. I’m just making them for personal use as I go, but it would be great to help out other groups too!

Here is a screenshot of the Campaign on my profile, with the titles of each SoundSet and their proper order.

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Great thanks, I’m looking at these now :slight_smile:

Well, we’re getting ready to move on into Book 4, so here’s another update.

Now, a SoundSet for “The Road to Zimar”, the first act of City in the Lion’s Eye!

This one took forever, because Paizo rolled 3 and a half dungeons into one chapter of the book.

But, finally, the SoundSet for “The Game of Masks” is uploaded and in the Dropbox!

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Are these soundsets available for SyperSyrin subscribers now? I can’t seem to find them