Want to publish your Community Content?

Have you built a really cool Soundset that you want to share with the community?

Does the Soundset only contain Syrinscape samples and music or samples that you have the rights to use? (Creative Commons, Public Domain, your own etc.)

If the answer to both of these is yes then awesome! Email us at Support and let us know the name of the Soundset so we can take a listen. As long as everything checks out ok we can then publish it for you so that all of your fellow SuperSyrin subscribers can use it :grin:

I see this is almost 2 years old. Is this still a thing?

I’m writing my own campaign and I’d like to build an entire Syrinscape sound profile of soundsets the way many campaigns have already done on here. I don’t have the time or expertise to go looking for music so I’d just be using sounds currently here but I’d like to have a prebuilt set the DMs can use the same way I’ve been using for Dragon of Icespire Peak and Rise of the Runelords for my players.

Yup. :slight_smile:

Contact Steve at syrinscape dot com is you have any specific questions about how it all works.

I’ve tried to press the “publish as community content”. It’s seems to be enough. Do I have to do something else to share my music with other DM on Syrinscape ?

Once you hit that button it goes to syrinscape for review. Just wait a bit and they will finish the rest.

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Nice. :+1: It was my first guess but then, I’ve read this post :slight_smile:

I’m made a Age of Asher: Tomorrow Must Burn Sound set for Chapter One and send for review. Once I finish chapter 2, I’ll submit that too.

Did you get any response on this? My group starts Tomorrow Must Burn Chapter One this weekend. How do I find your stuff (we use Syrinscape Online)?

It is still pending, I submitted more than a month ago. I’m now on Ch3.

If you have a set that’s ready to publish you are always best dropping us an email to let us know and then we can take a listen.

You just need to tell us the soundsets name, confirm all of the music and samples are safe to share and how you would like to be credited. Sometimes forum post can get missed, like this one so we don’t realise that we need to take a look! Consider us looking now :slight_smile:

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Hey @daniel.anand! We’re just starting Age of Ashes book 3 ourselves. By any chance have you made progress on chapters 2 or more?

Book 3, Chapter 2 is pending approval. Unfortunately I haven’t created one for chapter 3 as I winged most of the audio due to lack of time to prepare. My OCD is demanding for me to finish, even as I’m almost done with Book 4 at this time. :smiley: