Wall of red error text when uploading sample

I’m attempting to upload an.ogg sound file to Synrinscape, but I’m getting this wall of red error text. I’ve tried using a different format, such as .wav, but that’s giving me the same error.

I am not sure what to do

That’s amazing! :grinning:

I’ll get the dev team to take a look at this as soon as they are back on Monday.

Oh dear, that is quite the wall of angry looking text. After careful consideration, I passed this onto our resident Magic User who was able to determine that this appears to be the work of an evil Chrono-Wizard :mage:, who was messing with the passing of time :clock:, causing the same hour to occur twice in a row, which was understandably quite confusing.

In short, try again, should be working now! :flushed:

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