VTT DM Syrinscape Noob


Hello All. I literally just downloaded Syrinscape about an hour ago. I play only DnD 5e right now and host my games online with Fantasy Grounds, I use Discord for voice communications.

I know about the DOE extensions, I know about the video Doug made to help show one how to setup FG to work Syrinscape over Discord. However, I’m very confused on a couple things after toying with the product and searching around the website?

  1. Is there no manual on this software? I want to learn how to organize my own soundsets. I’ve not yet purchased a sub - and I won’t if I can’t get comfortable with the product…so that’s what I’m trying to do as fast as possible.

  2. Everyone is talking about Syrinscape online…where do I get that so I can test that? Someone in a forum post said “its out…go to downloads”…um…I click on downloads there is definitely not a Syrinscape Online download – only the normal app that you install in Windows (which is the one I’m testing).

Thank you.



Welcome to Syrinscape!

For guides on how to get the best out of Syrinscape you need to take a look at the ProTips section of the forum. There you will find guides, handy tips and tutorial videos. Do note however that Syrinscape Online is brand new and the new Creator is rolling out this week so guides for those will be updated/published as quickly as we can

For Syrinscape Online you need to go HERE

Annnnd of course ask questions here on the forum :slight_smile: