Volume Presets for individual sounds - RESOLVED


Hello All,

Just wandering if there is a way to set a set volume to each sound individually?

I am using Fantasy Grounds and entering the Syrinscape links into the module and thought it would be awesome to make some sounds distant but other sound closer for a bit more flavour without having to switch screens to adjust the volume bar.

Thank you for your help :blush:


Hi @michaelparnabytrade, I responded to your email yesterday with this info, did you not get it?



No sorry, the email has not come through :disappointed:

I wasn’t sure you got my email.


Ah ok, I’ve just resent it but here is the gist of it… :slight_smile:

The soundsets within Syrinscape already come with a default volume level, which has been set when we create the soundsets and each of the individual elements within them. If you want to change those settings you just need to adjust the sliders on the Elements to get it sounding how you want and then click the little plus symbol underneath the moods and save the settings as a new mood. Then whenever you click your mood it will play as you have set it


Thank you Steve, That is awesome. I look forward to playing around with it tomorrow :blush:

I just got your email :+1:

Thanks again for your awesome support.


No problem at all, we’re always happy to help and if you ever think we have not responded to an email don’t be afraid to give us a bump/kick! We always try to respond within a few hours but they do occasionally get missed :blush: