Virtual surround using Google Home speakers


Hi all!
First time posting and LOVE THIS TOOL!

I tried something pretty cool in my game room that I wanted to share with everyone using Google Nest Mini speakers and syrinscape.

First I installed 2 Google Nest Mini speakers in my game room (Costco has 2 packs for $70 CA) on opposite ends of the room.

Second, using the Google Home app, I enabled the Bluetooth connections on both speakers and paired them to my Surface tablet.

Third, in syrinscape I changed the sound settings from Stereo to Surround (haven’t tested the other sound settings yet)

I discovered that the Google speakers are smart enough to interpret the Surround sound setting to create the most amazing background sounds! One of my players instinctively looked over her shoulder when she heard a crow clawing in the distance.

Fairly simple and inexpensive to set up and wanted to share.


That sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing :grin: