Viking (Scandinavian) music

Look for ambient sounds and music to back a game featuring vikings. Not the horned warlike drunkards of legend, but more historically authentic… think a nordic vibe, shipbuilders, hunting in epic, difficult landscapes and seafaring in the hunt for more fertile places to settle.

I can assemble most of the sounds I need but I haven’t found any music that would fit. Scandinavian or Icelandic folk music is probably closest to what I’m going for. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Might I recommend the new Fateforge sets? The Fateforge Free City set has a set of music called “Fateforge main music” which is in the right wheelhouse for Scandinavian music. The other three sets (as well) have a Scandinavian flavor to them.


Awesome thank you @HECook, I will check those out.


Too late probably, but leaving a few recommendations to the next one searching for this. Unfortunately this is not in Syrinscape, but I play it on spotify mixed with the soundscapes from Syrinscape (play them both at the same time from my laptop. They are all bands):
Wardruna (my go to)
Danheim (a bit more modern influenced, but nice for tense moments)

Personally I did not get the viking-feel from the Fateforge sets